CRI-Children’s Resources International aims at promoting happy, healthy and meaningful childhood, and above all, safeguarding the right to “childhood” for children both in Brazil and in Japan.

In Brazil, we mainly work with Monte Azul Community Association, a favela-based Anthroposophical entity whose goal is to improve the lives of favela residents through education, art, health and agricultural activities.

More than 100 volunteers have worked in Monte Azul, either helping in the kitchen or in the vegetable field, common tasks for those without any knowledge of Portuguese, or in crèches, in after-school activities or the music school once they acquire some proficiency in the language.

In Japan, we have maintained close ties with Brazilian Schools, a peculiar form of educational institutions that are allowed, but not formally recognized by the government, for non-Japanese citizens. We celebrate our friendship by holding more-than-annual “Multicultural Camps” inviting those Brazilian schools to Tokai University’s Shonan Campus, or visiting them in their provinces.

More recently since 2015, we have held seminars for Japanese and immigrant children, mostly in their high schools, to spend 2 days together discussing important global issues, an annual event called “UNESCO Youth Seminar”.